About Our Restored Italian Villa

The Restoration Journey of Our Italian Villa

As far as has been ascertained, La Vecchia Scuola was constructed around the beginning of the 20th century. It would have originally been the home of a farmer and his extended family, with the animals housed on the ground floor and the people living on the floor above. What is now an exceptionally beautiful and spacious upstairs main bedroom with adjoining en suite bathroom was used as a school room for the children from the surrounding farms.

The Australian owners came across this scenic property in 2004 when they were in Italy for a guided walk in Le Marche. Within virtually hours of viewing the picturesque but decidedly ruined building, they had decided to undertake the not insignificant task of restoring it, and creating an attractive garden out of the resulting “bomb site”.

This restoration was completed by local craftsmen using original stones and beams, and overseen by a local geometra renowned for his appreciation of the Marchigiani architecture and his meticulous attention to detail. Just over two years after the purchase of the ruin, the owners spent their first night in La Vecchia Scuola. Believe it or not, as they drank a toast with the excellent local wine to their dream home, a magnificent golden full moon rose slowly over the peaceful valley – a wonderful omen, undoubtedly!

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